Florida Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Alexander Pis-Dudot has provided excellent service to major corporations since earning his Master in Business Administration from the University of Florida’s Fisher School of Accounting. First hired by the firm Arthur Andersen LLP, in Miami, Florida, Alexander Pis-Dudot quickly proved himself as a skilled accountant, earning a promotion to Senior Auditor. Later, Alexander Pis-Dudot accepted employment with the Coral Gables, Florida-based company Sunglass Hut International, Inc. Hired during an important period in the sunglass and watch retailer’s history, Alexander Pis-Dudot supported the company during a massive expansion that included an initial public offering and an increase in the number of Sunglass Hut International, Inc. facilities worldwide from 300 to 2,000. During his first several years with the company, Alexander Pis-Dudot served as Finance Manager, Senior Finance Manager, and Assistant Controller. In these roles, Alexander Pis-Dudot made the President’s Club three times, and twice earned the Field Recognition Award for being a top contributor. Alexander Pis-Dudot began performing as Director of Accounting in 1996. While developing and training branches in Europe, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. By interacting with several other department heads, Alexander Pis-Dudot played an essential role in creating long-term solutions for the company. Soon thereafter, Alexander Pis-Dudot earned a promotion to Director of Finance and Accounting Operations. Overseeing numerous departments, Alexander Pis-Dudot drafted all Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, handled vendor contracts, and contributed in the reduction of company wide expenses. Additionally, Alexander Pis-Dudot served as the representative from the Finance Department on several important committees throughout the organization.. For the past several years, Alexander Pis-Dudot has contributed his expertise to TracFone Wireless, Inc., an affiliate of America Movil, one of the top wireless providers in the world. Alexander Pis-Dudot is a graduate of the University of Florida, and remains connected to his alma mater by participating with the University of Florida Alumni Association, regularly donating to its scholarship and program funds.


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